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You have a passion and a calling for birth work that’s churning within you. Even the simple act of landing on this page feels like the start of something new and exciting.

Join us for a Birth Doula Training!

Our three-day Birth Doula training is an approved Birth Doula Workshop through DONA International, the world’s leading training and certifying organization for doulas.

This training is designed to prepare you to be ready to step into a birth room and offer the kind of support and companionship every birthing person needs and deserves. It also immediately furthers your roadmap to doula certification by accomplishing the first two steps right off the bat: a comprehensive childbirth education class specifically designed for birth workers and an approved birth doula training course.

Let’s get you started on the path to fulfilling those dreams!

What to expect in your BBC Birth Doula Training

  • Evidence-based information about doula support
  • The physiology of birth
  • Medical practices
  • The history and significance of birth and the long term impact of the birth experience on families.
  • Ethics and standards of practice
  • Maternal and infant health disparities and the history of birth in BIPOC communities
  • Business aspects of doula practice
  • What to expect on the road to DONA doula certification.
Rochester DONA Birth Doula Trainers

Meet your Rochester-based DONA Birth Doula Trainers: Julia Sittig and Christy Muscato

As Rochester Doula co-trainers, Julia and Christy each have two decades of doula experience behind them, that’s forty years of combined doula work and additionally over twenty-five years combined of training experience. Having met at their own DONA Doula Training in 2004, they connected, grounded themselves in this work together, and formed a partnership that feeds and nourishes every aspect of what they bring to you in doula training.

What does this mean for you? It means that as they draw those lived experiences into every aspect of their teaching, you become part of this beautiful birth story. The lives they’ve touched in the past, become beacons for the lives you will touch in the future as a Certified Birth Doula with DONA (Doulas of North America).

Our goal as your DONA Birth Doula Trainers:

To help you be ready to support birthing persons and their families in your community from the moment you walk out of our doors at the end of a training weekend.

You. Are. A. Doula. And if you want to feel empowered to support others, then we have to do our job to go deep into empowering you as the doula.

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Choose a training that supports you as a confident new Birth Doula.

Our training week-end is packed full of both intellectual and hands-on learning to support physiologic birth, as well as learning the ins and outs of medical interventions and how those sometimes interplay with labor. We work together on comfort measures and non-pharmacological pain management techniques, the doula’s role before, during and after birth, and the invaluable role of communication skills and values clarification as you work with as a birth team with those around you.

From the moment you walk forward as a new doula, we are here to support you. We have developed a large training community that provides access for multiple touch points along the way with us as trainers, with the doula community at large, and with DONA International as your training and certifying organization.

You do not go out into this work alone. The incredible group that you train with becomes your doula family and we work hard to instill that community approach in all we do.

2024 Birth Doula Training Dates

JULY 26-28, 2024, (NEW!!!) Rochester, NY @Beautiful Birth Choices

NOVEMBER 1-3, 2024, Buffalo, NY @The Fountain Wellness Center


Your journey as a new DONA Birth Doula starts here. Complete the simple information form, choose the date that works best for you, and you’ll receive a registration form that will get you started toward securing your spot with us. All registrations are confirmed with the completion of the paperwork you receive and a deposit submission.

The details:

DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainings with Beautiful Birth Choices are taught by approved trainers, Julia Sittig, MSW, AdvCD/BDT(DONA), LCCE and Christy Muscato, CD/BDT(DONA), LCCE.

Birth Doula Trainings are an investment of $675 for a three day comprehensive training that includes a childbirth education course specifically designed for doulas. Registrations are secured with a $200 deposit, which is applied toward the balance which is due prior to the start of training.

If you complete your registration and payment in full at least one month before the date of the training, you receive access to an Early Bird Bundle Bonus! The Early Bird Bundle includes:

  • A DOULA t-shirt
  • Access to three doula business PDF’s to help you get started keeping track of clients and documenting your work together
  • A specially designed DOULA ID photo badge for your work in medical settings.

You can also, register for the Introduction to Breastfeeding for Doulas Certification to meet the breastfeeding requirement for your DONA certification here. This is a key component to certification and an excellent class that provides you with important tools for supporting your client’s breastfeeding journeys. Taught by Alison Spath, IBCLC and Approved DONA CE educator for this class content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our trainings are close to 30 hours in length. Typically we train across a three consecutive day weekend, but occasionally we break that up into two weekends or offer a hybrid training scenario. Training includes a comprehensive doula education piece and a full childbirth express course for doulas, which are both components of the certification process.