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Choose Support. Find Community. THRIVE.

This is such an extraordinary time in your life, and yet...

  • You feel a little alone in it all. You have so many questions, and the options feel overwhelming.
  • Or perhaps you're surrounded by friends and family, but they all have an opinion about the "right" choices for your pregnancy and birth?
  • You've heard the stories, or have given birth before, and you don't want to experience pressure or regret with this baby.

When you walk through the front door to our Rochester studio, you're saying yes to more than just a prenatal yoga class, a birthing class, or finding your dream doula...

The Support You Need.

When you choose to hire one of our Rochester Birth Doulas, you know you are getting custom care based on your unique needs and goals for pregnancy and birth. The skilled support you need for every stage, from pregnancy through postpartum.

Know your Options.

You don't know what you don't know... Our birthing classes, workshops, and doula services ensure you feel informed in your birth choices. Have the information you need, learn how to ask the right questions, and learn to advocate for yourself.

Find Your People.

We're not meant to do this alone. When you choose a Rochester prenatal yoga class, birthing class or workshop, or doula care with our team, you'll discover a fabulous community of new friends to share in the changes with.

You've found your place for pregnancy, birth + postpartum.

Supporting Rochester families since 2009.

Births Supported
Families in our Childbirth Classes
Prenatal Yoga classes each year.

Hello you.

We know pregnancy is full of excitement and anticipation and overwhelm all at the same time. With so many changes and choices, it's hard to know where to start and who to trust. You want the best for your baby, but you sense there is a better way for you as well.

We are the heart of all things pregnancy and postpartum in Rochester. You'll find community, education, support, and abundant guidance as you welcome your new baby.